Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Armed and fabulous.

So recently we started our gun collection. My husband almost died from joy when I not only said yes to buying weapons but gave him a higher monetary number than he expected. So we bought 4 weapons. A .308 which my husband is in heaven over. I think if we had a fire he would grab the girls with one arm and the .308 with the other. We scoped it and I think it makes him drool seeing the red, green, or black crosshairs, lol. We also bought a .17. I have been told that this one will be easier for me to handle as I am 5'4" and more lower body strength from my ballet days. We bought me a .40 for personal protection. I haven't been out to shoot it yet but the Hubs lovs it and I like how small and manageable it is. Our 4th is another drool worthy gun in the Hubs eyes as it is known as the Judge. It is a .45 Long Colt. I have never seen a revolver with a barrel like this. Talk about scary. Plus at 5 lbs it isn't nearly as light as my .40. We bought a few hundred rounds for each gun as well.

Now this is only the start of the collection. I want a 9 mm for my conceal carry weapon. We want a few shotguns, probably a rifle for me, and a semi-auto for Hubs at the very least. I also recommend something not requiring ammo. We have a compound bow for that reason. We will probably buy me a bow as well so that I have something I can pull. Hubs' bow takes a bit more strength than I have.


  1. Hi Lila, welcome to the world of blogs. I like your choices of guns for first time buyers. Just a few comments about them and then i'll ramble on about a few others things.

    I am in no way a weapons expert, but will throw in my opinion. The 17 you bought are a nice smaller rifle and should be easy for you to handle. The only thing it lacks is hitting power over a certain distance. I've never fired a .45 Long Colt so i can't say much about them. Personally i would have bought a .45 ACP.

    My high power rifle is a 30-06. Amoung other rifles i have, i have a 30-30 because it's a good bush gun. I've stayed away from 308s because we keep hearing rumours here that due to shortages, US suppliers will be stopping shipments of 308 and 223 ammo to Canada.

    Our handgun laws here are so tight that we don't think about carry guns. ( only the criminals do )Good luck with your future purchases and don't forget to stock up on ammo while you can find it.

    Keep up the good work Lila, Maggie and Grace.


  2. I read a review of a .17 Hornady round pistol with a 6" barrel - accurate to way out there. Not just for plinking and targets, the pistol was good for varmints, too.

    The .17 looks like a very fun caliber - it is high on my wish list.


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