Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So during one of my many midnight mind wanderings.....

I had a thought about essentials we will need should the worst happen and all our self-reliance skills be put to the test. I realized I hear a lot about precious metals, foods, weapons, a home with the ability to power itself. We talk of ways to can, to prep meat, to provide for our families in needful times. One necessity I have yet to get much detail on is clothing! If stores have failed or become super expensive how will we get clothes? So I have decided part of my survival storage will be a good amount of durable, easily dyable material, basic clothing patterns, and oodles of needles and thread and buttons. I really don't want to have a huge supply of ammo but have to go hunting naked because I thought nothing about providing clothing for my family. I'll let you guys know what fabrics I found that seem to suit best and are easy to sew. Luckily I have an infant so my first forays into sew from scratch can be tiny clothes!


  1. Lila, I have spoken on clothes somewhere in the past. I concur it is a subject often overlooked.

    If you are prepping for short to mid term situations the necessary clothes are already in your dresser. For a longer genuine TEOTWAWKI or a situation where clothing became unaffordable clothing does need to be addressed. For adults it is usually a pretty easy fix. Hold onto all of your old worn (beyond fashionable) but still serviceable stuff. A pair of pants with a hole in the knee are a lot better than walking around in your underoos. Assuming everyone already has a good coat (don't throw out the old un cool one) and some serviceable boots (maybe a spare set too) you are good to go.

    For kids who are still growing clothing is a more complicated situation. Consider trying to get bigger out of fashion stuff that is still serviceable. Initially I would worry more about doing heavy patch jobs, replacing zippers and buttons (at least for the adults) and leave the manufacturing for simpler smaller kids stuff.

  2. Mothball worn or unfashionable clothes as well as childrens clothes, Box them up with some mothballs, mark the box, put it in the attic and forget about it untitl TEOTWAWKI.


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