Thursday, April 2, 2009

I. Heart. Bacon.

I love bacon. I'm not an omnivore, I'm a baconvore who chooses to add other things to her diet. If I wasn't fully aware that eating bacon, and only bacon, would cause me to drop dead in a relatively short time period, I wouldn't eat anything else.

But it's been a very dark time in Maggy-land, as Ryan the 2L and I decided from some reason (well, because we're crazy) to do a traditional Lenten Fast. It probably needs mentioning that we are all a bit... competitive. And that's putting it pretty lightly. So, not only are we fasting, we made a wager out of it. The goal is to lose 10% of your total body weight in the 40 days of Lent. I don't know exactly why they say it's 40 days, because it's actually almost 50, but whatever.

I don't really feel that bad for myself, except for the basically starving myself part. I feel bad for my friends and family because they all hear about 197 times a day the phrase "Oh my god, I'm starving" come out of my mouth. My dad has been exceptionally succumbed to this, as every time he offers me food I can't have (which is a lot of the time) I just him a look that would put him in mortal danger if I could actually shoot daggers out of my eyes.

I've been really really good about my Lent Fast. Better then I thought I'd be because I'm usually a dirty diet-cheater. Now, I won't lie and say I haven't cheated because God knows better. But I'm sure he still loves me.

This being said, for Easter I don't want a ham. I want bacon. I want pounds and pounds of bacon molded into the shape of a whole pig luau-style with a bacon covered apple in it's mouth , and I want it all to myself. My mom has steadfastly refused to join my bacon-pig mission, and since Easter dinner is at her house this year, sounds like I'm stuck with a regular ham.

Today I was stumbling (if you don't have a stumble button, get one!) and I came across The Bacon Show. The premise is simple; one bacon recipe per day everyday. This makes me happy. I have a pretty decent bacon-inspired recipe list, and I'm sure they will appear from time to time on here.

But until April 12th, all I can do is torture myself by dreaming about bacon and drooling on myself.


  1. You don't count Sundays. That's why its "40 days."

  2. I know, but we had this discussion, and they're was still an off number. Anyway, whatever, I don't care.

  3. Seems like a good deal all around. I have more limited aims then 10%. I would like to drop 5-10 pounds (from where I am right now at the botton of an 8lb back and forth cycle) and KEEP IT OFF.

    On the bright side once I get to the real Army we will do decent PT every day which helps a lot.

    Just need to be a fast halfway strong 170-175.

    For me the key is more about exercise then dieting though some portion control (I say while on beer 3 for the evening) is needed.

  4. Oh yeah. Your readership is starting without any help. Go you!


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