Wednesday, April 29, 2009

food storage for $5 revisited

So I went shopping today for essentials for 2 weeks just in case this swine flu thing gets out of hand. I revisited my $5 a week food storage list and realized it was way off on some things. I know my family will certainly go through more than 5 lbs of peanut butter in a year. I actually have 21 lbs of peanut butter on hand already. I also have 3 growing boys. The list is still a good tool to help you see what things you might need, just adjust the amounts for your family. I have also copied this list into a word document so I can check off what I already have and focus more on the things I still need.


  1. If you have a kroger close they are having a case load sale. Peanut butter is 12 for $12.00 but you must buy the flat or it is !1.50 - Get the kroger card & if you don't want to give real info make up a suitable name. Koolaid is also on sale 10 for 1.00 if you stock that up.

  2. You're a Mormon? Good for you. I like Mormons. I might even have been a Mormon, except I don't believe in God, I have to have coffee and coca cola, and I was already married before I found out that some Mormons can have all the wives they want. Thank God for that. I used to think a bunch of wives would have been good when I was a young guy, but having been married 27 years now, I know better.

  3. Stephanie, I live in a fairly small town and don't have a Krogers. Thanks for the info though, others may be able to use it.
    Hermit, you are a hoot. Even Mormons are only allowed to have one wife. Coca cola is not necessarily forbidden just more or less frowned upon.


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