Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I just don't get it Part Duex

I spent a couple of days emailing and calling around trying to dig up some more information on our town's oh-so-wonderful new sewer. I've literally found out jack-squat. All the public offices I called were not help, and generally couldn't tell me who could. I did manage to find out that the city will indeed put a lien on your house for none payment.

Several options were given to homeowners over the last year or so. I'm not sure how these were presented to the public as I just found them on Google after a little creative searching. The options were; pay out of pocket, apply for a USDA rural development loan, apply for a grant from the city, and have a payment plan. As of May 6th, 2008 the city was still "researching the possibility of a policy for a payment plan" so I have no idea if it actually came to fruit. But according to the information I found you had to have been turned down for funds by at least 3 financial institutions (and have proof).

After some more Google-ing I actually found a page on it on the City website, complete with monthly updates. I couldn't access any of the info however as the PDF's wouldn't open on my computer, or my parents. I guess for now I'll just have to judge their progress from my front windows.

The property we live on is bordered by two roads; one main and one arterial. They spent two days last week tearing up the front 250 feet of my house on the main road, and decided to use their easement on our land to make themselves a parking lot in our yard for the weekend. So my son got to play soccer between a honey bucket, a Grater and a Backhoe.

Monday they finished up work on the main road, and this morning started on the arterial. I know this because I was awoken by one of the local city guys (who looked exasperated to be honest) letting me know that I had no water, because the vibration from the backhoe had cracked the water main. I didn't kick up a fuss because I had just woken up, but this happens to be the second time I've heard this excuse. Because the same thing happened to my friend's parents down the road. The city fixed it the same day, and agreed to adjust (and actually reduce) their water bill for the month. They didn't make me any such offer, but I guarantee you I will be informing my landlord, just in case they don't.

Not much longer after that, there was another knock on my door. This was another worker, asking if I need to get out of my driveway that day. Granted I have decently unorthodox work hours, so this was about 8:30 am, but yes I had to work. He asked when and looked fairly anxious. I sighed took pity on the poor guy and asked when in the next 90 mins. would be best for them. He said now. I glanced on the couch at the Boy lazing around in his pj's, and sort of went 'uhhhhh'. Instead I offered to move my car to a neighbors driveway so they could do whatever they needed to do.

Once I got the boy ready to go and headed out, I could see why they had wanted to know if I was leaving. There was a 4 foot trench where the end on my driveway used to be.

So to recap: I have no answers, no water and no driveway.


  1. Glad I don't live there anymore. Tis a good reminder that the more layers of government who can fuck you the more will. City is another layer. A great reason for buying far out in unincorporated area even if it is a little house on not much land.

  2. I'm really sorry things are going so poorly. I live out in the sticks largely because I don't need anything from "the county". I don't even care if they keep up the gravel on the county roads because the worse the roads get, the less chance of anyone coming up them. But I'm sorry you are having such problems.

  3. TOR: I'm actually surprised seeing as Hometown hasn't been too bad in the past. When I'm buy/rent again I'm going to be looking for out of town and hopefully acreage.

    Hermit: Honestly, it's more of an annoyance then a full on put-out. My parents live in the same immediate area but out in the country. Once a year the county tars and gravels the road; quartering the speed limit for a couple weeks and leaving piles of gravel on the side of the road. I guess you win some, you lose some.


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