Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ladies read; Men are advised to skip.

Angela from Adventures in Self-Reliance wrote an awesome post on feminine hygiene things in your prepping plans. Seriously guys, if you read that, I claim no responsibility.


  1. I'm not reading it! My wife is responsible for that part of our preparedness planning.

  2. The warnings might be a bit overdone.

    And the washable vs. disposable issue applies to bandages and bandaids, and other things. Hygiene and sterile cleaning need to be planned for.

  3. Maggie, another thought.

    Would the compost pile be a reasonable way to dispose of .. disposable stuff? at least in a way that manages any health hazard, and much of any odor of decomposition. For bandages and things, if there are no other good ways to deal with it.

    I like the idea someone had of binding 10 foot of chicken wire into a ring, and pull the ring off and refill each time you want to turn the compost. I think they mentioned turning a dozen times to complete the cycle - two weeks if you turn daily, two years if it is a monthly event. A bit of water, some care to keep a balance of content to keep the resulting compost in good order. You would want to avoid putting non-decomposable things in the compost pile, but they could be sorted out later, if you plan to use the compost heap as a sterilizer.

    Maybe someone could try this with disposable diaper, next hurricane - though I cringe at the thought of having to "turn" the "pile."

  4. Brad K, I don't think that would be something I would try to compost. I think that goes in a hole, gets covered and you don't deal with it again. I'm not an expert on composting, so maybe you can, but I just would chance is. Same with diapers or other waste products. I know 'disposable diapers' actually aren't biodegradable. And although with the boy I'm guilty as charged for using them, if I were to ever have another child I'm going to give old school diapers a shot. I'm not a huge fan of baby poop, or poop in general, but they are reusable, washable, and better for kids in general.


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