Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Quote of the Day

"One of the biggest differences between Hippies and Survivalists is very simple: GUNS."

- Ryan the 2L regarding my argument that I'm a hippie, not a survivalist. I have a shotgun, therefore I lose the argument.


  1. So very true. People on the fringes of the "left" and "right" would often find that they have more in common then not if they got past the stupidity of it all and talked.

  2. Maggy - If you have a shotgun (my first gun) you are on your way to Survivalism :)

    On a side note - doesnt that shotgun just sound great? {{CHICK}}{{CHICK}} Would love that as my ring tone or something!

    Welcome to blogdom - Great posts!


  3. Shotguns are awesome. Never seen yours but it seems like a cooler then normal one. On a side note what kind of an optic is on it and would you be interested in selling it? I am looking for an optic to put on my M4.

  4. I still need to look at that. I figure I'll just send you some pictures, because I have no idea about sights/scopes and all that business.


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