Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More food storage stuff

So, my favorite prepardness website is called Emergency Essentials. They have everything from food storage, MREs, water, food storage canisters, and just tons of other stuff. They even have insight articles that talk about everything from preparing your pet for emergency to emergency financial planning. Great info there.
Heritage seeds are something I just found out about. Very exciting. I knew that 14 or so years ago, all the seeds were made so the plants could not reproduce and make more seeds. That has some very scarey implications if human kind wants to have any sort of food other than meat. I have thought about this off and on over the years but didn't know that you could actually buy heritage or heirloom seeds that will reproduce. I recently found some in the Emergency Essentials website and decided to investigate further. I found a few more sites that sell them and I am sure that if you wanted to, you could find many many more. This site has fruit and vegetable seeds, flower seeds and also herbs. This site seems to have very reasonable prices. They sell tomato variety sets, canning variety sets, culinary herb sets and medicinal herb sets. The herbs also have a guide that tells you what they are used for. Especially usefull for the medicinal herbs.
We have also found a company that sells milk that can be stored for months. (For some reason I thought I had been told it could be stored for years, but the webite says months) Gossner U.H.T. Milk comes in Whole White, Whole Chocolate, 2% White, 2% Chocolate and Skim. There's also a variety of flavored milks including Strawberry, Vanilla and Rootbeer. We tried the rootbeer and it is REALLY GOOD! Sounds gross I know, but its really tasty.

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  1. Let me see. I send you a message elsewhere on one topic. As for the others. Those assorted seed packs are a decent thing to have. Something of a 20-40 dollarish fire and forget. Crack can open if world ends. Depending on exactly where your food storage situation is that cash might be better spent on 20 pounds of flour, 10 pounds of beans and a few cans of stew.


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