Wednesday, April 8, 2009

On the Prowl: Kid Friendly Eater Treats

I was recently invited to a friend's families annual Good Friday celebration. This involves a lot of different things, but I'm basically planning to spend an entire day at their home. The Boy will probably be in heaven, he loves playing with other kids so an entire day of playing is going to be surreal for him. Lots of things are planned, including an Easter Egg hunt, so it should be fun.

My dilemma is this: it's a potluck style lunch. Normally this would be easy, I have a bazillion potluck-style ideas, and a bunch more I'd like to try. But this one has to be uber kid-friendly, and Easter themed. I have a feeling I'm going to end up being asked to bring "cookies or something". In case you don't remember, I'm not a baker. I'm not that good at it. Period. I can make basic cookies, but when it's time to impress I'm at a loss.

I asked my sister, the "Baker" of our family and she told me to take pita and hummus. I'm sorry, sister say what? Hummus? This is little kids. I need child-proof finger food, preferably dessert-ish. Where did you get hummus?

My mom was also little to no help. Gracie gave me a couple ideas, and so did Lila but I'm generally drawing a blank. I want to do something more creative then sugar cookies, but still simple as I have to perfect it in one night only.

I'm currently obsessed (No, really) with Cake Pops from Bakerella. The possibilities are endless, and Bakerella made some adorable Easter bunny pops that I might be able to handle if I simplify the faces a bit. I'm very aware of what I can and cannot handle, and teeny tiny bunny faces I'm pretty sure falls into the latter. I've been browsing for the pastel candy corn, and have yet to find it so I think I might have to expand the search area.

I also consider making some meringue cookies like these Easter Story Cookies. Having the boy pound pecans and explain that Jesus was beaten is a little further then I'm willing to travel per say, but meringue cookies are my favorite. We have a mint chocolate version my family makes every year at Christmas, so I'm pretty sure I could hack it.

Other then that, I'm pretty well out of ideas. Anyone have any suggestions?


  1. Hi, hopped over from TSLR.

    What about a sweet dip & fruit chunks or sticks. Dip is marshmellow cream and cream cheese mixed well - usually more cream than cream cheese but we have used what we have on hand so often that it all works. If the kids are old enough they will have a good time picking up their fruit with toothpicks & dunking (banana slices, canned pineapple chunks, grapes). This is as expensive as the fruit you choose. If you want to get fancy for the kids, sprinkle the top of the dip with sprinkles or colored sugar in an appetizing color.

  2. Another TSLR visitor.

    Part of me wants to say that kid stuff should be simple - deviled eggs, something throwable. Yet I recognize the snarky atmosphere that can erupt if adults don't think you tried to "measure up". Yuck.

    Maybe a custard pie, with a ring of pink frosting?

  3. Stephanie, Gracie said she's tried the dip and it's great, and sounds simple enough I will definitely keep that in mind.

    Brad K, you hit the snarky part on the head. These women are great so I don't think they'd be mean but I would like to 'measure up' so to speak. Custard pies sounds really good!

  4. Finger Jello cut into shapes with Easter themed cookie cutters always goes well over here. Easy, looks cool, and the kids love them. I make my own jello out of fruit juice and unflavored gelatin, so they're even healthy enough to impress the snarky moms.


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