Saturday, April 11, 2009

storage solutions

We want to have more food storage, we really do. Problem is, where do we put it? I have a pantry full of food, but I have three growing boys who keep raiding it. I have one small cupboard that is full of food storage but we really dont have anywhere near enough. I think I am going to have to start putting some of the cans under the bed. Any solutions to my storage dilemma was totally welcome.
I love, love, love the shelf reliance system, I just don't have any place to put it. This is the coolest thing, it rotates the cans just like at the grocery store. I think we are going to have to clear out a place in the garage and install one. They even have stratch and dent sales! How cool is that? I know I can get my hands on plans to build something similar, I just have to ask the right people. More on this as I find info.


  1. Gracie, I have been facing (and still do) the same dilemma. Next place we will probably get something like you showed. For your limited storage here is an idea, just me thinking out loud. As you noted a LOT of food can be fit under a bed. Get a few rubbermade style containers. In each put the same thing. EX 5 pounds of flour, 5 pounds of rice, 6 cans of chili, 6 cans of pears, 12 cans of tuna, three things of cake mix or whatever else your family consumes. Empty the cupboard in the kitchen and then just grab a tub to replace it from under the bed. Slide the rest of the tubs over and purchase new food to put in the old tub. Put that tub in the back and viola you have rotation.

  2. Oh on a side note there are smaller versions of that same thing (


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