Thursday, April 23, 2009

Appliances! AHHHHHH.......

So when buying your first house you usually have to buy some appliances, lol. I am looking for gas stoves, built in microwave/stove hood things, fridge, and a washer and dryer set. I can not fathom the options out there. Seriously we have side by side, top freezer, bottom freezer options in a fridge. You can find washer/dryer sets that talk to you and stoves that are all digital and snazzy. How do you choose? So far my requirements are stainless (the dishwasher in the house we are buying is stainless), and energy star rated for the kitchen. For washer/dryer sets I need energy star rated and very durable as the Hubs work clothes are pretty dirty most days! Trying to navigate this mine field is enough to send me into the loony bin! Any thoughts? What brands do you like? What do you hate? Guidance is much appreciated.


  1. If you are looking at a fridge that has a water and ice dispensor, stay away from LG and Samsung. I read a report not long ago that they falsified their energy star rating by unplugging both dispensors to meet the ratings number.

    We bought new appliances a few months ago and went with General Electric for the fridge and stove. The salesman is a family friend and sells all brands, but GE was the best deal and quality.

    Two things i found were: we went with the bottom freeze/top fridge type and it seems to be smaller inside. It could be that i am so used to the other type. We also bought a stand up freezer ( Danby )and even though it is convenient, you can't get nearly as much in it.


  2. I would avoid the front loading washing machines esp. from sears. I did my research, sought recommendations from the large family site that I am a member of & made the expensive purchase 1.5 years ago. Problems started in less than a year. Seems that those who rave about their machines have older models purchased before China syndrome set in. Sears has a terrible reputation for not honoring their warantees by any means possible. I love/d the water saving & large loads but the least search 'brand name and repair codes' to get an idea.

    In researching it seems the new washers that do not have the aggetator (sorry about that spelling) have a bad tendancy to knot up the clothes.

    It seems that searching for repair help can be a better indicator of what to expect that just a consumers report type search. That washer was the most expensive brand new item we have ever purchased & I am very disappointed. Now we found some good repair forums there is some hope that it wasn't wasted money.

    As for refridgerators, after you find the price & ratings I would measure where you now keep your milk for height and at the store adjust the shelves to that height, then look to see how that effects the other shelves spacing & the items you would be placing inside. We thought it was neat that this place came with deep door shelves that could hold a gallon of milk or tea but it cuts into the shelf space & doesn't keep the mild as cold so it seems to spoil faster - even in our large family. When we adjusted the shelf to put the milk on top we lost a lot of height between the other shelves. Our *larger* fridge holds less than our old smaller one. Not so good for a large family.

  3. As someone who sold appliances for about 3 years for a major department store, my advice would be buy something with the whirlpool name on it. This includes Kitchenaid (if you want to go high end) or even some of the kenmore stuff (made for sears by whirlpool). Whirlpool tends to have the best quality and is fairly priced. GE fridges tend to have a problem with the compressor making a whining noise on some models. I typically advise people to stay away from the extended warranties on most products but if you get a front loading washing machine (work better and really efficient but more expensive) I would probably get the warranty on it. Also shop prices and negotiate a deal on the purchase. With the economy being what it is right now, most people are willing to work with you on price in order to get a sale.

  4. Thanks Stephanie and Anon!! You guys are giving me great info!!

  5. I go for decent quality without a lot of bells and whistles. That applies to cars and appliances.

    I would also consider the energy ratings in the price.

    Really, it's a washer, or a fridge. In a couple of years it will be dinged up and have stains and in 3 or 4 years you'll have to replace the ice maker or a seal or hose somewhere. It's there to wash your clothes or keep your food cool, not to impress people.


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