Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pay It Forward Update

So this morning when I stopped in to get my morning coffee, I found out something amazing. The pay it forward I started the previous morning was still going. Almost 30 people had continued it after me until the chain was broken. Then the barista told the next customer about it, but that it had broken, he prepaid for not one but 5 drinks.

The girls were both there (it was shift change) and they both thanked me and said that their day yesterday had just been amazing. That the kindness of all the people had made the day just a joy to work. Holly is my age, and she said at first she thought people were just doing it because they felt like they should, but as the day went on and she saw the joy people got from it, it had just made her feel so happy and appreciative to the amazing people she is surrounded by.

I couldn't believe that one simple action had had such an impact on everyone around us. I'm definitely going to continue small acts of kindness. The feeling of happiness is great, and I want more people to feel it too.

1 comment:

  1. I look forward to hearing if it's still going tomorrow.


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