Thursday, April 16, 2009

What has happened to society?

First off let me tell you, its still snowing here. We have somewhere in the area of three feet of snow. Now yesterday when it was really snowing hard, my neice got into a roll over accident with her family. Thank goodness everyone is ok. But here's what really pisses me off. There they are on the side of the road trying to get their toddler and baby out of the wreckage of their totalled vehicle and NO ONE STOPS!!! They used their cell phone to call 911 but while they waited for police and ambulances to get there, cars sped by; drivers staring. Finally someone from church spots them and pulls over. By this time there is nothing for him to do but give them a chance to warm up before going to the hospital. Wait..this gets even better. At the hospital, the dr askes what happened. They tell him they were in a roll over...... Are you ready for this?......The dr says "Oh, are you the ones that were just down the road here?" HE PASSED BY THEM TOO!!! What is wrong with the world today that people can drive by a family (with BABIES) stranded on the road in a snowstorm? Especially when its obvious they were just in a wreck. We live in a rushed, uncompassionate, uncaring world. I didn't believe that we as a society were this bad untill yesterday. It just makes me sad to think about how people are too busy to help each other anymore.


  1. It is pretty sad when common decency gives out and humanity has become to selfish to notice.

  2. The world is a very different place now. It is sad that no one would stop to help a family. I could see people being worried if it was late at night and somewhere remote, but even then we should be willing to help people. The fact that a doctor drove by without stopping is shocking. Is it not that people just don't want to get involved?

    On the flip side of that. In November of 07 i was returning to Canada after picking up a motorcycle in California. It was close to midnight when i hit a deer about 40 miles south of Butte Montana. There i sat in the dark with no cell phone thinking that no one would stop for a truck with a motorcycle in the back. People would probably be worried about a bad element at first glance. About 10 cars went by before a young family stopped. They called the highway patrol for me and offered to stay until help arrived. I thanked them and told them i'd be ok now that they stopped. After they left three truck drivers stopped to offer help. I thanked them for stopping and told them help was on the way. The last people that stopped was a married couple that offered to stay with me, asked me if i wanted to sit in their car and wait and they offered me water. I thanked them and then went on their way as the highway patrol pulled up.

    All these people stopped for the unknown. A 4x4 on the side of the road with a Harley in the back of it late at night. I would think that most would drive right on by and i would have to wait for the Highway patrol to happen by. But what i found was caring people that were willing to take time from whatever they were doing to stop and help a stranger.

    I think we need to find our compassion and willingness to help others. We used to have it and it's time to learn it again. Saying that, we always have to be cautious with situations because there will always be those that want to take advantage of others.

    Thankfully everyone in the family were ok and lets hope the next time we don't sit back and be spectators or think it'll be ok because someone else will stop and help.


  3. I stop if people seem hurt and there isn't a big crowd. I've got a reasonable amount of first aid training, a pretty good first aid kit and a pry bar, could probably help some.


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