Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thank you, US Navy Seals

The Captain of the Maersk Alabama, who gave himself as a hostage in place of his crew, was rescued from a lifeboat where he has floated for days with Somali Pirates. This has been going on for days (in case you've been living in a hole) and I'm sure everyone is thankful he is alive and safe.

I hope these attacks can be quelled, but well, I doubt much will be done by anyone seeing as no one has really tried yet. Except the French. But well... yeah.


  1. Well hopefully the fact that three of the four were killed will make others think twice before attacking another American ship.

  2. I like how the news refers to the captain as being released... That is not quiet the way I would describe it...

  3. He wasn't released (haha) the SEALs took his ass back!


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