Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Attack of the Dilly Beans

So I picked up about 2.5 lbs of Green Beans on Friday and decided to make my first attempt at pickling. Or pickling of sorts anyway. A friend had suggested I make pickled green beans, aka Dilly Beans. It seems fairly simple, and in actuality it was. I found two different recipes, and they seem about the same, except they used different amount of beans, and one called for mustard seed (which I didn't have anyway). Of course, I had an amount that was between the two recipes (seriously, I can't win with this stuff) but since either way it involved doing a raw pack (putting the raw stuffs in the jar and covering with a syrup or brine) I figured I would just make a little bit more then I'd need, and then I wouldn't be short.

I trimmed and cut the beans, getting rid of any with bad spots or wilted bits (During this, I also had my jars heating on the stove). I started my brine mixture (water, vinegar and canning salt) pulled out the hot jars, but let the lids in my hot water. I packed the jars, adding a clove (or two if they were small) a few sprigs of dill and packed the green beans in on top. When the brine was ready I ladled it into the jars, popped on the hot lids (fresh from the hot water, and yes I usually burn my fingers) and screwed them down with the jar bands.

I hadn't ever used my canner as a water boiler before, so I called Gracie in a panic early in this process. She talked me down, and so I had a good idea had to do it before I started. I had the canner already heating up with an ungodly amount of water in it on the stove, and once the water hit 140 degrees (I just use a candy thermometer) I put my cans of beans in. Let it heat to a "rigorous boil" per my canner's booklet, boiled for the allotted time, and pulled the beans out of the hot water, shoving them in my usual corner to cool.

They seem to have turned out great! I haven't tried any yet (I'm letting them 'stew' for bit to really season). The only thing I'm a little perturbed about is the shrinkage of the beans themselves. I shoved the cans full, yet I always seem to get a .5-1 inch of space once they are heated and sealed.

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