Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flu that dare not speak it's name in Washington State

Tonight I went and had dinner with my sister and Mom. Sister is getting married in July and has been having a heck of a time picking a veil. Since I'm the maid of honor it's my job to help with these things. As we are browsing veils online and half-assed watching American Idol, a little reader board across the scene caught my eye. The part I caught was basically talking about a couple counties, and news conference, and to watch their news at 10.

Sister pulls up the channel's news website, and in big red letters you see "6 probable Swine Flu Cases". Apprently this covers 3 counties so far. King county (Seattle), Snohomish County (the 'burbs) and Spokane County (mainly Spokane Metro area).

The really fun part of this is that my mom is a nurse in South Pierce County, and my sister works for a government in a very very large building and is exposed to hundreds of people a day. This flu has a 7-10 day incubation period, and so likely hundreds if not thousands have been exposed by the original 6.

When I got home I google'd some, and found an article from the Seattle Times with some more details. The suspected cases are in a women, young child and male in King County. A male in Spokane county, and 2 more in Snohomish County; one a child and the other I can't remember. The women in King County also happens to be a Primary Care Physican (oops). The article stressed that the child in King County had not been to school during the period he/she was contagious.

I'm officially very very glad I stocked up when I did. No more extra outings ANYWHERE. If I need anything I'm not taking the boy and you can bet I'm wearing a mask. Even with the current US death rate (let's call it 1 in 100) what will it be in 7 days? 10 days? 14 days? A month? I'm not taking anymore chances. I don't care if they call me crazy, I sure as hell would rather be crazy then dead.

I'm burrowing into my hidey hole, and I'm not coming out for a long long time.


  1. Damn it! I've been waiting for Star Trek to open this weekend for eons. And now I don't think I ought to go. I could wear my gas mask, though! But I couldn't see, it's Finnish and doesn't allow you to wear glasses. :-(

  2. We have a confirmed case in Nevada too. Not close enough to me to keep the kids home from school yet, but we shall see. Our doctor was at pack meeting last night and Hubby asked him if he was keeping busy with the flu scare. He seemed totally unconcerned by it so hopefully its being blown up by the media. I don't really care now that I have what I need just in case its as bad as the media says it is.

  3. No Americans have died from the swine flu. The one death was a mexican In the USA.
    The current death rate in the US is 0 in 304,059,724.


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