Sunday, April 5, 2009

That can't be good...

I was browsing CNN this morning and saw this. Considering I'm (basically) on the coast and within 150 miles of the largest West Coast Army base, an Air base, a nuclear submarine base and a big Navy port this is no bueno.

Should Korea develop the technology to attack the western US, short of San Diego/LA I'm pretty sure our area would be right up there. I'm all about the UN Security Council trying to do something about this. I just don't see what they could do that would actually stop this, or even slow it down. I guess we can hope they are just inept.


  1. Honestly the four of us getting drunk and yelling about how this makes us angry with media coverage would almost surely be more effective than what the UN will do. I hear rent in Morton or Mossyrock is cheap.

  2. Hey, at this point the four of us getting drunk and yelling about it seems like it's worth a shot. Anything to help the world, eh?

  3. Yeah we might have to make that sacrifice some time.


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