Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pay It Forward

This morning I was driving to get coffee on my way to work, and when I was pulling up to the stand I saw a women who was obviously waiting to turn into the same coffee place. I was making a right hand turn, so I had the right away. However since she had obviously been waiting to cross I let her go first.

When I pulled up the window my coffee lady already had my drinks ready (I'm nothing if not predictable coffee-wise). I pulled out my wallet, and she poo-pooed me and explained the women before me was so thankful I let her go she paid for my drinks. Now, I get the theory behind this and I'm grateful for the drinks. But I was just being polite, and I'm a little sad that the world is so cold now that someone is so moved when they given their proper spot in line to buy coffee.

That being said, I didn't really know what to do. I didn't exactly feel like I deserved free coffee for doing the right thing. So I decided to pay it forward. I asked Cathy what I could do to buy coffee for someone else since no one was behind me in line. I ended up giving her $3 and she said she's make whatever they wanted and call it evens.

Now I like doing things for people. Be it buying lunch, coffee, giving away my canned stuff. It makes me feel good. I wish more people did it. It is so rewarding and at the same time encourages other do pay it forward also. If everyone took the time once a week to do something nice and unexpected for someone else, how much better could the world be?

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  1. No harm in doing something nice for people once in awhile.


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