Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama........ Devil or Savior?

So there are many opinions about our president. To some he is the savior of the world. He will fix all our financial woes, help our jobs and families, and grant us eternal life. To others he is the devil. He is going to strip us of our rights, torture the poor, turn us communist, and leave us all to live in the wilderness as we get nuked for having a black president.

I think both sides are plum crazy. Obama is a man. He is a man with a huge job ahead of him and the weight of a nation on his shoulders. I didn't vote for him BUT I stand behind him 100%. I think he wants what is best for our families, our livelihoods, and our nation. To expect miracles is a bit much as is expecting the Apocalypse to occur just because he is the president. We need to give him the chance to do his job. Analyzing the first 100 days for hours on end accomplishes nothing. Seriously give the man a break, he is only human. Yes his mistakes and triumphs will impact all of us but until you do the job you don't get to assume you can do it better.


  1. Because of my job I tend to steer clear of the political stuff in public venues but this is interesting.

    First of all where can I get my hat.

    Second of all I think you are right. No one is ever as perfect or evil as they are made out to be, real life isn't that black and white.

  2. Suppose you encounter a sleazy used car salesman. How many variously broken cars to you want him/her to sell you, before you decide buying this clown's story won't get you anything useful?

    How many drunks do you bring home from the local bar, before you decide there aren't any "good" ones at that bar, at least not intoxicated?

    How many mistakes and abuses of office should a President get, before we object, try him for violating his oath to execute and defend the US Constitution?

    President Barack Hussein Obama might be a good man, I wouldn't know. But as President he has deceived and denied about his past, he disavowed a 20 year membership in his home congregations without ever rejecting the racism and bigotry preached there. Etc. And many of his actions violate what I understand about the Constitution. And the Constitution claims that the authority of the Federal Government is the authority granted by the states and the citizens.

    And President Obama isn't getting the benefit of the doubt from me, until he starts abiding by the Constitution, and putting the good of the nation ahead of his dreams of One World Government and demolishing American's industrial and entrepreneurial strength. Let him practice his "redistribution of wealth", communism style, at his house, and leave the nation out of it.


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